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Fraser's Line, by Monical Carly (BA 1957)

21 October 2009

Monica Carly (nee Tucker) (BA 1957) has waited 52 years to write her first novel.

Monica Carly (nee Tucker) (BA 1957), who graduated with a General Honours degree (English, French and Latin) in 1957, has waited 52 years to write her first novel.

Always interested in writing, and having produced several short stories, Monica had never tackled a full length novel before. However, when her 82-year old husband's Parkinson's condition deteriorated, and Monica found herself anchored to the house as his carer, she turned to writing as a means of mental escape.

Her novel, Fraser's Line tells the story of Fraser Coleman, a 61-year old man, mourning his wife who unexpectedly dies after 31 years of marriage. As the story unfolds the reader follows Fraser on an emotional roller-coaster as everything he believes is questioned - from the true character of his beloved wife, the happiness of his daughters, and the identity of his father who died when he was a child.

Fraser's Line is already proving a big success, particularly with the older generation who, it seems, can identify with the issues of bereavement, loneliness, love and betrayal that are addressed in the book.

'When my husband needed me to stay at home to care for him I wondered how I would manage without the mental stimulation that comes from social activities. I found it therapeutic to write, and rewarding to get positive feedback from those who have read it - the most frequent comment being that the reader simply could not put the book down until the last page was reached!' says Monica Carly.

Fraser's Line by Monica Carly is available from the publisher's website and is also on Amazon.