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Why should anyone buy from you? by Justin Basini

16 September 2011

Trust in business is currently at an all-time low. From banks to oil companies to car manufacturers, despite the billions poured into marketing and brand messages, the level of consumer trust in business is collapsing.

Marketing departments and their leaders increasingly look like they are selling snake oil, taking reckless multi-million pound gambles on advertising and marketing campaigns that barely move the needle. One of the most pressing questions for business leaders today is "Why don't they trust us?". 

Why Should Anyone Buy From You? presents a powerful prescription for brands and businesses that want to gain their customers' trust and confidence and in doing so, boost their sales and their business.

This revealing book discusses the startling truth about the impact of trust on business and will help marketing professionals and executives understand the issues they need to tackle. It reveals the 10 powerful marketing secrets that will help build trust. The rewards are big: trusted brands in every category outperform their rivals; costs are lower; marketing is more effective; employees are more satisfied at work; and an increasingly aggressive media cut trusted brands more slack.

Why Should Anyone Buy From You? is occasionally a damning indictment of current marketing and business practice, and frequently an optimistic take on how marketing can re-orient its current practice to achieve deeper, more trusting relationships with customers that are ultimately more profitable.

You can purchase the book on Amazon.