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Marathon runners selected to run for Bristol's Cancer Research Fund

23 January 2013

Marathon runners selected to run for Bristol's Cancer Research Fund

Congratulations and thank you to the six Bristol graduates who have been selected to run the Virgin London Marathon 2013 to raise money for the University's Cancer Research Fund. We were inundated with requests and are very grateful for the passion and enthusiasm our alumni have shown in wanting to raise money for the Cancer Research Fund at Bristol.

If their personal stories below or your passion for cancer research inspires you to support our runners you can make a gift today online or via their individual JustGiving pages. The Cancer Research Fund awards pump-priming grants to promising young cancer researchers to buy laboratory consumables or small pieces of equipment. These researchers are the stars of the future and are looking at ways of preventing and treating the major cancers including breast, bowel, laryngeal, oral, prostate cancers and leukaemia.

Below our six alumni talk about their motivation to run for the University's Cancer Research Fund in the Virgin London Marathon 2013. We wish each and every one of them good luck with their training and hope they have a fantastic day on the 21 April!

Miss Eirini Agallou (MSc Finance and Investment, 2012)

It was ten years ago that I lost my father to bowel cancer. This event changed my life completely, and nothing and no one else can fill in the gap my father left. My past experiences make me believe that this disease should be prevented.  My willingness to run this marathon and contribute to the research comes from the fact that I would not like other people to suffer from this; I want to contribute by running the marathon and raising vital funds.

Dr Andrew Couch (BSc Chemistry, 1987)

Our family lost several members to cancer over the last few years and I am keen to help raise funds for Cancer Research. I like the approach taken by The Fund as it's investing in bright young minds finding creative solutions. The Fund supplies grants that directly facilitates cancer research - rather than something more nebulous. I have run two marathons already and my desire is to rise up to the challenge and beat my personal best in this marathon. 

Mr David Greig (BA Drama and English, 1990)

I smoked for 20 years and giving up was very hard. It was running that made it possible for me to give up and also made it easy to resist the temptation to return. I started off stumbling round 5k races, huffing and puffing, but I got such a feeling of achievement that I was hooked. Since then I've run five marathons with a best time of 3hrs 14. I'd love to use my pleasure in training and competing to achieve something genuinely valuable and long term for Cancer Research and the university. 

Mr Nathan Gibbs (BSc Economics, 1983)

I began running marathons in the UK shortly after graduating from Bristol, and have continued to do so for the last twelve years in Asia. I usually run these for myself rather than for charity but, having lost a family member to cancer this year, I would feel privileged to have the opportunity to run once more in the UK in order to provide support both to Bristol and cancer research.

Mr Rick Robinson (BA Politics and Social Policy, 2004)

My uncle recently passed away due to cancer of the throat so I would like to run in his honour and raise money for a very worthy cause. I attend the gym four times per week and used to regularly compete in long distance races. 

Mr Tom Worsley (BA Drama and English, 2007)

Sadly the majority of my family has been impacted by cancer - my mother died of lung cancer when I was nine, my uncle died of skin cancer three years ago, and many other close family members have been diagnosed at some point too. My father had oesophageal cancer a few years ago, but I'm delighted to say he responded well to the treatment and is fighting fit today. I’m running for Bristol's Cancer Research Fund because, as with my father, cancer can be recovered from. I want to raise as much as I can for a cause that I believe in, a university that I love, and for a mother who I miss.