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Alumni runners complete the Virgin London Marathon

1 May 2013

On 21 April in perfect sunny conditions, five Bristol alumni took on the challenge of running the 2013 Virgin London Marathon.

On 21 April in perfect sunny conditions, five Bristol alumni took on the challenge of running the 2013 Virgin London Marathon. A huge thank you and congratulations goes out to all our alumni runners, who have so far managed to raise over £12,500 for the University of Bristol Cancer Research Fund, which supports vital early-stage research into new treatments for cancer.

Professor Harry Mellor, Head of the Cancer Research Fund, said "On behalf of the University of Bristol I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks to all of our alumni runners; the dedication that has gone into their marathon journeys is truly inspirational. Their tremendous fundraising efforts will make a real impact to the world-class research being undertaken here at Bristol'.

To find out what motivated each of our runners to complete the marathon, you can read more about their personal journeys here. For more information about the University of Bristol Cancer Research Fund and its pioneering work please visit our Centenary Campaign pages, or if you would like to support the marathon runners for their efforts, you can still make a gift online though their individual links.

Mr Tom Worsley (BA Drama and English, 2007)

"Taking part in the marathon has been one of the greatest experiences of my life - the training was often testing, but also incredibly rewarding. The race itself was very special; a beautiful, wonderful day, with my Bristol bib prompting lots of cheers from spectators. The last six miles were tough, but I was delighted to cross the finish line with a dream time. To raise money and run for such a fantastic cause so close to my heart made the whole thing extra special and unforgettable"

Running time: 3 hours 44 minutes 22 seconds

Total amount raised: £5583 (to date)


Mr Nathan Gibbs (BSc Economics, 1983)

"Everything was going fine in the race until I experienced an unexpected nosebleed which needed attention. I found it quite hard to breath after that! I managed to get just under 4 hours which is still respectable, though outside my original target of course. But the race itself was great fun - the organisation and support was absolutely fantastic. I felt very proud to be running in my Bristol vest."

Running time: 3 hours 54 minutes 12 seconds

Total amount raised: £2165 (to date)


Dr Andrew Couch (BSc Chemistry, 1987)

"The run was incredible, with the crowd noise at times almost deafening - which had the effect of carrying you along very far into the race without feeling much tiredness or pain...and then it hits you, at around 20 miles in my case. I was running under the 4 hour pace and then slowed a bit...but I was really delighted with my race form and time in all!"

Running time: 4 hours 32 minutes 55 seconds

Total amount raised: £1212 (to date)


Mr David Greig (BA Drama and English, 1990)

"The race was extraordinary. I had expected crowds but had no idea of the passion and support. Wearing my bright Bristol vest with my name on had people encouraging me every step of the was like running with a personal trainer! I also loved the kids high-fiving by the roadside and the bands. I set off a little fast and was tired by 21 miles, however the weather and the spectacle spurred me on and I was delighted to see the finish line!"

Running time: 3 hours 15 minutes 17 seconds

Total amount raised: £2902 (to date)


Mr Rick Robinson (BA Politics and Social Policy, 2004)

"Four weeks prior to the race, I hurt my knee badly which set me back a fair bit. However, I still wanted to run so I dressed up as a Native American Indian. This placed less emphasis on me finishing in a particularly quick time! Overall, the experience was a little painful but so worth it to run in honour of my uncle"

Running time: 6 hours 08 minutes 47 seconds

Total amount raised: £448 (to date)



Miss Eirini Agallou (MSc Finance and Investment, 2012)

Unfortunately, despite training hard, Eirini could not compete in the marathon this year due to injury. However, she still managed to raise vital funds for the Cancer Research Fund.

Total Amount Raised: £130