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It’s an honour, for Roger Holmes (BSc 1981) and other alumni

12 July 2013

It’s an honour, for Roger Holmes (BSc 1981) and other alumni

Roger Holmes (BSc 1981), Chairman of the University’s Centenary Campaign and former Chief Executive of Woolworths and Marks and Spencer, has been awarded a Doctor of Laws degree in recognition of his achievements and his role in the University's Centenary Campaign, which has raised £93 million so far. Since 2008, Roger has chaired Bristol’s 100 million pound Centenary Campaign and has been the chief architect of its success. The University will be grateful to him for decades and generations to come.

Tania Jane Rawlinson, Director of Campaigns and Alumni Relations, said: “He has truly led this Campaign at every step of the way, asking piercing questions which helped shape the way we thought about the Campaign. Without his inspiration, without his leadership, we may well have fallen short of our target.

The Campaign has just passed the 93 million pound mark towards our 100 million pound target. But this campaign has raised more than money. It has raised sights for hundreds of students who have come to the University through the Access to Bristol programme. In fact, every single graduate in this room has had a better Bristol experience because of Campaign funded projects.”

Throughout graduation week this July, alumni across a variety of fields will be awarded honorary degrees at graduation ceremonies. An honorary degree is a major accolade, awarded in recognition of outstanding achievement and distinction in a field or activity consonant with the University’s mission.