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Beyond Dubai: Seeking Lost Cities in the Emirates by David Millar (BSc 1978)

Beyond Dubai: Seeking Lost Cities in the Emirates

2 October 2014

Beyond Dubai is a light-hearted journey around the Emirates in search of its surprisingly rich past. It includes six lost cities of the ancient world, and encounters uncooper­ative camels, an ancient mountain tribe, and Iranian ciga­rette smugglers along the way, with frequent stops for coffee and dates.

Many visitors to the Emirates are now venturing beyond Dubai and Abu Dhabi to discover its desert and history. This entertaining and informative book combines anecdotes about modern Dubai with the story of how the Emirates was once a cross­roads in man­kind’s journey 'out of Africa', as well as looking at how climate change trans­formed it from being a fertile grassland to the arid yet starkly beautiful desert that it is today.

Dubai is the ultimate 21st century city, built from nothing but sand and ambition and famous for bling and daring excess. So it is ironic that mankind’s earliest settlements in the region most likely owe their origins to refugees fleeing the flooding of the Garden of Eden, which many archaeologists now believe to be the real-life drowning of the Arabian Gulf at the end of the last ice age 8,000 years ago.

Alexander McNabb, author of the Fake Plastic Souks blog, says: 'This is a book that will appeal hugely to expats in the UAE or holiday-makers interested in going beyond the beaches and taking a look at the rich heritage and culture the country has to offer. If you think that very statement sounds odd, then you need to buy this book. Beyond Dubai is a well-written book, a light read that makes its subject accessible and enjoyable. It's sort of Bill Bryson meets Leonard Woolley.'

Beyond Dubai can be purchased directly from Melting Tundra Publishing, or from Amazon.