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Build a Better Bristol: winners announced!

Water fountains

16 June 2014

On Friday 13 June, Stephen Le Fanu, a first-year Biology student, and Philip McMahon, a fourth-year Computer Science student, were announced as this year’s Build a Better Bristol winners, securing £20,000 of alumni donations to fund their nominated projects: more water fountains across the University precinct, and free yoga sessions for all students.

More water fountains

Stephen Le Fanu (BSc 2013-) suggested installing more water fountains across the precinct, to not only "save students money, but also show the University's commitment to the environment and sustainability. Water fountains should reduce the amount of plastic waste students produce and create a cleaner environment around campus."

Martin Wiles, Head of Sustainability at the University, says: "It’s great to secure funding for water fountains, and it completes a campaign led by students to reduce the use of bottled water. Bottled water has a large carbon footprint – a thousand times higher than tap water – so this really is a sustainable project."

Free yoga sessions

Philip McMahon (BSc 2010-), who nominated free yoga sessions for students across the University, says: "Build a Better Bristol gives students a chance to actually make a change and, after spending several years at Bristol, they’re likely to have lots of ideas."

Last year, Build a Better Bristol funded UBU Active, and the Fit and Fabulous programme, which offers free sport sessions to students across the University. Philip’s project – free yoga sessions – will be a fantastic next step in making sport and fitness sessions accessible to even more students.

How the campaign works

 gives students the chance to put forward ideas on how they would improve the student experience.

The projects are shortlisted, before final-year students cast their vote for their favourite ideas. The winners then receive up to £20,000 – donated by Bristol alumni – to implement their ideas, with help from the Students’ Union and representatives across the University.

This year, Build a Better Bristol received 23 nominations, of which eight were shortlisted, including leadership sessions, cultural activities and welfare workshops.

Make a difference today

You can help us raise even more money for student-driven projects next year by texting BRIS14 £5 to 70070 today.

For roughly the cost of a couple of cups of coffee, you’ll make a real difference to the students who follow in your footsteps. You’ll give them the chance to transform their ideas into a reality – and keep on building a better Bristol.