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Grass by John T. Hancock (BSc 1984, PhD 1987)

2 October 2014

Rich, influential, but completely despised by those around him, George has been living the life of a recluse in the huge house on Kinsford Estate. Although the estate is the largest in the county and was once the epicentre of the local community, the villagers avoid him.

Despite this, he starts to take a keen interest in the upbringing of a local boy, Ben, and on his death George leaves Ben a message. 

Through Ben's eyes and George's diary, the story of their unlikely friendship is revealed. However, despite all their time together, Ben struggles to understand the sphere of influence that George commands and the motives that saw George shun all around him. Ben discovers a side of George which few have seen for many years, but is it too late for others to discover the truth?

John T. Hancock is an Associate Professor in Molecular Biology, teaching and carrying out research at a UK university. His non-fictional work includes Cell Signalling (Oxford University Press) and Molecular Genetics (Butterworth Heinemann). His fiction includes Grass and Zoneless, both published by Kindle Direct Publishing. He lives near Bristol with his wife and family.

You can purchase the Grass by John T. Hancock on your kindle.