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Season's Greetings from Great George

15 December 2014

A seasonal message to alumni from Great George, the University of Bristol's resident bell, with all best wishes for 2015.

Whenever you graduated, and wherever you call home, you are very much a part of Bristol’s inspirational community. This makes me a proud University bell.

At this festive time
On every hour I chime
Wishing all of you
Bristol students, old and new
Peace and joy and love
From Wills Tower up above
My favourite place to be –
Bristol University!

Oh! Jingle bells, here I've dwelled
For near-on 90 years
Oh what fun it is to hear your laughter and your cheers
Oh! Jingle bells, my clapper yells
To alumni far and wide
Let's raise a glass to Bristol days and remember them – remember them with pride.

You can follow Great George on Twitter @greatgeorgewmb