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The Republic of the Husband by Lucy Tunstall (MA 1996)

2 October 2014

Carcanet are delighted to announce the publication of The Republic of the Husband by Bristol University alumna Lucy Tunstall (MA 1996).

This striking début poetry collection features a colourful cast of characters, including Aunt Jane, who fell in love 'in 1956, or thereabouts', and Cousin Gillian, who keeps the family’s long-case clock in her caravan ('Some people do not think this is an appropriate arrangement'). Perceptive and humorous, her poems uncover the extraordinary beneath the ordinary.

Using a variety of registers and forms, including dramatic monologue, lyric, collage and found text, Tunstall explores poetry’s negotiations of truthfulness and theatricality, accuracy and artifice. Perceptive and humorous, but never sentimental, she reaches into the deep emotions that lie beneath inhibition and the conventions that govern ordinary and extraordinary lives.

Lucy Tunstall (MA 1996) was born and grew up in London and now lives in Bristol with her two sons. Her poems have previously featured in the bestselling anthology, New Poetries V.

You can purchase your copy of The Republic of The Husband directly from Carcanet Press, or from other major book stores.