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The Unravelling by Paul Vlitos (BA 2000)

23 October 2014

Paul Vlitos (BA 2000) is proud to announce the worldwide release of The Unravelling, a new 30,000-word story exclusive to Kindle, as part of the ‘Kindle Singles’ range of commissioned e-books.

Combining crisp observational humour with a compelling mystery-driven plot, The Unravelling is a contemporary crime story with a wry twist, and can be downloaded to your Kindle, tablet, computer or phone via Amazon’s Kindle Singles Store.

Paul Vlitos has been the Programme Director for Creative Writing at the University of Surrey and has been described as 'a witty writer' whose work is 'curiously gripping' by the Daily Telegraph, while the New Statesman complimented his 'easy comic touch'.  

You can purchase the book or get a free sample online. ​