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The Centenary Campaign: the next generation

24 September 2014

Every child deserves the opportunity to go to university, regardless of their background. And thanks to your gifts to the University’s Centenary Campaign, Bristol is helping thousands of young people consider higher education part of their future.

  • Since April 2013, more than 2,500 young people from local schools have participated in sessions at IntoUniversity’s Bristol centre – a space where children can receive academic support and mentoring, and participate in workshops run by University lecturers.

  • 97 local schools have participated in Bristol’s community sport programme, thanks to donations totalling £214,236 from six donors.

  • Bristol’s ChemLabS and Lab in a Lorry programmes have brought science to life for 135,000 children through innovative, hands-on experiments.

  • The Bristol Dinosaur Project has helped 11,000 children in 150 schools find out more about their local heritage and the natural world by exploring the life of Bristol’s very own dinosaur – the Thecodontosaurus.

  • New textbooks, created by a team of researchers at Bristol, have been given to 2,160 Tanzanian school pupils in 12 rural community schools.

All donations Bristol receives between now and the close of the Centenary Campaign in December 2014 will have a real impact on the next generation. To find out more, or to make a gift, please visit