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Just graduated? Bristol can help your career

Credit: Bhagesh Sachania

Bhagesh Sachania

13 August 2015

Leaving university is a mix of immense excitement, anticipation and freedom. And perhaps a tiny bit of panic. But Bristol’s here to support you – now, and throughout your professional life.

Bristol’s reputation is now yours

So the next time you have an interview, or apply for a job, remember with confidence that your Bristol degree is speaking for you.

We can inspire you

What do David Cameron's speechwriter, a BBC wildlife presenter and the co-founder of have in common? They're all Bristol alumni. Read how other alumni became successful after university. From Pre and Post Production Manager at Aardman Animations, to the founder of the Snap Fashion app, you’ll find something to inspire you! Check out our prominent alumni pages, or see our news items.

For one-on-one advice, you can even speak to alumni directly through the Careers Network.

We can get you connected

BBC and Sky 1 presenter, Patrick Aryee (BSc 2007) said ‘Talking to alumni is one of the best ways to learn about careers you’re interested in.’ So make sure you sign up to our exclusive Linkedin group to tap into the knowledge and experience of over 18,000 graduates in a wide range of professions. You never know, you might just make the right connections to get you that next interview.

We can guide you  

Don’t forget to register with our Careers Service where you can access relevant job listings and careers fairs, and browse more than 1,000 alumni profiles, and contact them for advice through the careers network. It's free for three years after you graduate, so don't miss out on this valuable resource. There's also the Careers Service blog for more tips too.

We wish you all the luck for the next couple of months, and look forward to having you as part of Bristol's alumni community.