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Max & Moritz by Mark Ledsom (BA 1995)

17 December 2015

Celebrating the 150th anniversary of the German original, Mark Ledsom's first book is an English translation of Wilhelm Busch's Max & Moritz, the classic children's story.

English BA graduate Mark Ledsom (BA 1995) is a writer and journalist who came across Max und Moritz while working as an international reporter for various news organisations in Germany, Switzerland and Austria.

Ledsom puts his literary skills to good use with his translation, telling the darkly humorous tale of two extremely mischievous boys and the havoc they wreak on their bourgeois village... before coming to a sticky end themselves.

Written in rhyming couplets and accompanied by Busch's rich illustrations of the boys' 'pranks', Ledsom's translation of Max & Moritz is presented alongside the original German text so that readers can choose which version they wish to read, or improve their German language skills.

Further information

Max & Moritz is available to purchase in paperback via Amazon.