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Merry Bristmas

17 December 2015

A festive poem written and performed by Harry Baker (MSc 2015) and Danny Pandolfi (English and Philosophy 2013-), with season’s greetings from all of us at the University of Bristol.

All around there’s Christmas trees, glistening and tinselly
The lights are up as Bristol gleams, and feels the festive spirit breathe
Crispy leaves are squished by feet, winter breeze lines city streets
From way up high on Clifton’s peak to Trinity and village greens

The Christmas buzz of busy bees gathering the gifts we need
Running round with lists of things as 'Do they know it's Christmas?' rings

At night when stars are twinkly, each time excited kids will be
Counting down 'til Christmas Eve, it’s eight more, seven more, six more sleeps

Gathered round the Christmas tree, it means a lot of different things

Religious-themed nativities, a break from those revision weeks
Wishes, dreams, and gifts received, unravelling the mysteries
For others it’s the mixed cuisines, yummy pies all mincy sweet
Those silly themes over chilly feet, and jumpers stitched with knitted seams

Around the tree we passed presents, the future starts here
We pine after new and hope the list of things we need’ll drop
We spruce up our homes just like we did last year
There’s something for everyone - not just the angel's cedar top
We mull over why no one does this year round
Stocking up on memories there’s enough to fill our boots
Reminisce with old uni friends, there's joy that is found
All it takes is a tree to take us back to our roots

As students head home for Christmas Eve
And Bristol sleeps with wishful dreams
We realise the real gifts we see
Aren’t just beneath a Christmas tree.