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A Guide to Mystical France by Nick Inman (BSc 1978)

1 December 2015

Think you know France? Nick Inman's alternative travel guide delves into the secrets, mysteries and sacred sites of the most visited country in the world.

This book explores the legendary sites of Carnac, Mont-Saint-Michel, Notre-Dame, Chartres, Rennes-le-Château and many lesser known (but equally intriguing) places. 

A Guide to Mystical France also confronts some famous French myths, legends and historical questions:

  • Was King Arthur French?
  • Did Mary Magdalene end her life in the hills of Provence?
  • What did the Cathars and Knights Templar know?
  • Who was Fulcanelli, the elusive alchemist reputed to have discovered the secret of immortality?
  • What do the prehistoric cave paintings of the Dordogne and Pyrenees mean?
  • What was the purpose of the labyrinths in medieval cathedrals?
  • Is the end of the world really foretold by a cryptic cross in the Basque Country?

The chapters lead the reader through pilgrimages, megaliths, gods and other themes, while complemented by 240 photographs for visual reference. A region-by-region travel guide at the end of the book features details of 300 of the most mystical places to visit. 

The book will be released on 21 January by Findhorn Press, and will be available to buy online in paperback.