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Constructing Identity in an Age of Globalization by Amanda Haste (PhD 2010) and James E. Block

31 May 2016

"Constructing Identity" consists of sixteen essays in four parts, crossing borders, disciplines and methodologies. This wide-ranging collection uses media such as music, literature, poetry, film, language and religious practice as springboards for an exploration of the construction of identities, both individual and collective.

Among the essays featured in this varied collection are Sperrazza's 'Arabizi: From Techno-lution to Revolution' about the phenomenon of Arabizi, an Arabic-English fusion which functions as a mode of communication for Egyptian youth; and Sadras-Ron's 'Ethnicity as a New Model for Jewish Identities: The Case of Cuban-Jewish Identity'.

The book's co-editor, Amanda Haste, is the author of 'A Third Gender? Expression of Gender Identity in Celibate Monasticism through Words and Music'. Examining the music composed and played by monks and nuns in the United States, Great Britain and Canada, she convincingly demonstrates how gender impacts of the music of the Religious. 

Some of the remaining essays concern African women’s literature and Indian poetry, while others analyse the identities of students studying abroad and explore the parallels between the U.S. political landscape and the film Avatar

Further information

Constructing Identity in an Age of Globalization is co-edited by James E. Block and Amanda J. Haste, and is available to purchase online via Amazon.

Amanda Haste (PhD Musicology 2009) is a translator and independent scholar based in the south of France, where she also teaches part-time at Aix-Marseille University. In July 2015, Dr Haste became President of the National Coalition of Independent Scholars (NCIS); she is also Humanities Editor of the peer-reviewed journal 'The Independent Scholar' and chairs the review committee for the Elizabeth Eisenstein Essay Prize: Dr Haste's research interests include identity construction through music and language, and she is currently working on a history of the British Colony in Marseille.