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The Business of Excellence by Justin Hughes (BSc 1988)

The Business of Excellence by Justin Hughes (BSc 1988)

21 November 2016

Drawing on his experiences as a military fighter pilot and a member of the RAF Red Arrows, as well as a management consultant for some of the world's most successful brands, Justin Hughes explores the challenges of high performance and leadership, providing his insight into how great teams are built.

In The Business of Excellence: Building High-Performance Teams and Organizations, Justin Hughes reflects on his experience across multiple industries in order to offer a unique and compelling perspective on the drivers of excellence in teams and organizations. 

The material includes reflections, interviews and case studies from the military, sporting and corporate worlds, and features a proprietary performance model that can be applied to a wide spectrum of organisations, focusing on:

  • People: the primacy of attitude over skills
  • Capability: building alignment before setting people free
  • Delivery: a process to close the gap between desired and actual outcomes
  • Learning: how to accelerate performance in real time
  • Leadership: exhibiting a set of behaviours such that others choose to follow
  • Risk: avoiding the victory of compliance over outcomes

For its insights, the book has been endorsed by the Director-General of International Trade and Investment at the Department for International Trade, the Chair in Strategic Leadership at London Business School and the Executive Director of Mercedes F1, among others.

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The Business of Excellence is available to purchase now via Amazon.