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The Land of My Birth by Abraham Nnadi (LLM 2008)

3 August 2016

In the Nigerian village of Mboha, ambition is king. People leave for the city hoping to escape poverty but come face-to-face with the crisis and conflicts of post war policies after a devastating civil war. Left to devise their means of survival, what they find in the cities may be worse. The ill-gotten wealth speaks of a moral burden. It is about a nation in flux and a family caught in the centre. 

The Land of My Birth is available to purchase online via Amazon.


Further information

Abraham Nnadi pursued a degree in civil law at Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria and graduate studies at University of Bristol. Being a keen observer of societal change, he chronicled the realities of such changes, capturing the essence of rural communities transforming into progressively modern society.