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The Logic of Madness by Matthew Blakeway (BA 1982)

The Logic of Madness by Matthew Blakeway (BA 1982)

21 November 2016

In a radical reappraisal of mental illness, Matthew Blakeway identifies the mathematics behind the malaise.

Despite extensive scientific study, many mental disorders are still deemed untreatable and their causes remain unclear. The consequences - both in terms of individual human suffering and socio-economic impact - are severe.

In assuming that mental illness is a mathematical problem, The Logic of Madness analyses how a human action can be deviant even when rational. It reveals that a person without a genetic of brain abnormality can have an apparent mental disorder that is entirely logical in its structure.

With mathematical rigour, Matthew Blakeway creates a theoretical map of the symptoms and causes of mental illnesses and demonstrates how their origins could be found in a human misunderstanding of emotion.

In presenting mental illness as a logical problem rather than a medical problem, Blakeway shows that even human actions that are deemed "disordered" are logically derived from a particular combination of manipulations of emotional behaviour. 

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The Logic of Madness is available to purchase now via Amazon.