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Celebrate your support

15 September 2017

The University of Bristol was established with the extraordinary support and foresight of our founding benefactors. Today, your generous support continues to have a tremendous impact, by helping to realise Bristol’s role as an agent for positive change and transforming lives.

Recognising our supporters

We want to show our appreciation, and recognise the many and varied contributions from our valued supporters. So, we are pleased to launch five new Giving Circles, which build upon the success of the Bristol Pioneers, established in 2005.

These Giving Circles are a way of celebrating and thanking you for your support, which makes all the difference. Your support means the next generation of pioneering researchers will be able to address some of society’s biggest challenges: from heart disease to poverty, and climate change to dementia. It also means we can continue to work at the forefront of educational innovation and ensure the most talented students can benefit from the unique Bristol experience – regardless of their background or financial circumstances.

Through regular communications, we promise to keep you informed about the way your gift is being used and how it is making a big difference.

The Bristol Pioneers

For donors who support us with an annual gift of £1,000 to £24,999.

Our Bristol Pioneers help to forge new paths to discovery, often making research projects possible, from pump-priming new research ideas to supporting proof of concept work.

The Vice-Chancellor’s Circle

For donors who have committed £25,000 to £99,999 to the University.

Our donors help to cultivate and develop carefully selected partnerships through their giving in support of scholarships and new academic and industry projects.

‘The University of Bristol’s reputation is already enviable, and I am interested to see how we can build on our current successes. Crucial to that will be our ability to have the right local partnerships in place, and hence I am interested in both building on the existing relationship with the city and region and expanding our networks across the globe.’ Professor Hugh Brady, Vice-Chancellor

The Chancellor’s Circle

For donors who have committed £100,000 to £499,999 to the University.

Our distinguished Chancellors include Nobel Laureates, the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom’s first female president, and the namesake of Inspector Morse – a diverse and illustrious group that is emblematic of our University.

We are pleased to recognise our donors and supporters within the Chancellor’s Circle whose gifts help to advance academic excellence and achievements across all the disciplines.

The Haldane Circle

For donors who have committed £500,000 to £999,999 to the University.

‘Knowledge is of many kinds, and what we have to do is to bring together what is inherent in knowledge and… appeal to men and women, irrespective of their creeds or positions in society, to seek to develop this quality that was latent within them.’

Bristol’s second Chancellor, Lord Haldane, had an enduring influence on higher education. The Haldane Circle will help to ensure that our University continues to realise this same mission.

The Dorothy Hodgkin Circle of Discovery

For donors who have committed £1 million to £4,999,999 to the University.

Dorothy Hodgkin, Chancellor (1971-1988) and Nobel Laureate (Chemistry 1964), remarked in her lecture Moments of Discovery: ‘There are two moments that are important. There’s the moment when you know you can find the answers and that’s the period you are sleepless. When you’ve got it and know what it is, then you can rest easy.’

Our University is at an extraordinary point in its history, and we will continue to work with and recognise those leading benefactors who share our vision for discovery and our passion for learning.

The Sir Winston Churchill Philanthropic Circle

For donors who have committed over £5 million to the University

‘We make a living by what we get, we make a life by what we give.’

Sir Winston Churchill, our longest serving Chancellor (1929-1965), Nobel Laureate (Literature 1953) and Prime Minister, lends his name to our most prestigious Giving Circle. He understood our ambition to make a better life for ourselves, our communities, and the world in which we live. We are pleased to recognise those visionary alumni and friends whose landmark gifts will be crucial in realising our bold ambition for the future and will inspire others to follow their courageous philanthropic lead.