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A Question of Worth by Chris Steed (MSc 2004)

A Question of Worth by Chris Steed (MSc 2004)

30 January 2017

How do we measure worth and success? Can we economically quantify human value, flourishing and satisfaction? In a market economy, is it true that we must also have a market society?

The prevailing ethos of the modern world suggests that the only values we can usefully measure are those that can be expressed in terms of economics. Our value and worth seem contingent upon what we earn and on what we own.

This leaves a question: what price can we assign to the non-quantifiable and non-economic goods that make life worthwhile?

Chris Steed draws upon his extensive experience in government, education, counselling and the church in order to confront the economic values which underpin our entire conceptualisation of society, arguing that the really important issues framing the contemporary human condition are those that cannot be measured. 

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