Nonesuch: autumn 2017

Discover more about your University in our autumn edition of Nonesuch (PDF 3.76 MB).  

'O Captain! My Captain!'

In the film Dead Poets Society, students leapt onto their desks to salute the English teacher that inspired them. Here at Bristol, we celebrate our lecturers who are changing lives in our Best of Bristol lecture series, and Tom Corfield (MEng 2009) speaks to Nonesuch about why he set it up seven years ago. 

Brexit: The university challenge

The EU referendum result sent shocks throughout the higher education sector and across the continent. But what does this mean for universities, and how can Bristol tackle the challenges and seize the opportunities? Four Bristol experts examine the uncertainty

Migration matters

Politics has a tendency to distort the facts, creating dividing lines between people and ideas in the interests of a single agenda. For Bristol’s researchers, this presents a unifying challenge

A world of good

John Knowlson believed in the transformative impact of travel so much so that he left a legacy to the University to provide students with that opportunity. Over fifty years later, the Knowlson Trust award is still changing the lives of students like Sarah Munro (MSci 2015-)

Timothy West: letter to my student self

Timothy West has played more than 250 characters on stage and screen, from our previous Chancellor Sir Winston Churchill to Stan in EastEnders, and was recently awarded an honorary degree. In this letter to himself, we find out how Bristol came to shape the person he is today

The whole picture of my health

With conflicting public messages about aspects of our health, it's a real challenge to know which advice to follow. At Bristol, population health scientists are developing a ground-breaking health study method that will help us to answer some of the world’s most pressing health questions.