Nonesuch: Spring 2014

Feature: ed to ed
James Landale, Epigram's first editor, reflects on the op-ed that launched his career in journalism, and current editor, Josephine Franks, considers how the publication continues to make its mark. Listen to audio version (mp3)

Feature: Climate of opinion 
Two academics from Bristol's Cabot Institute, and four alumni working in journalism, campaigning and industry, discuss some of the factors influencing the portrayal of climate change in the media.

Feature: Lines of duty (includes additional material)
Who are the journalists and editors deciding which stories make the headlines? And what do digital advances mean for the traditional press? Four Bristol alumni share their take on British journalism today, and their predictions for the future. Listen to audio version (mp3)

Feature: Changing faces (includes additional material)
No celebration of Epigram would be complete without mention of its editors – the students with the vision and courage to break new ground, challenge authority and court controversy in pursuit of a story. And what memorable stories some of them were...

Feature: The continuing story
Modern ideas of journalism and the Fourth Estate have both a prehistory and an uncertain future. Among the academics at Bristol who study the media in various contexts are three who, taken together, cover the modern press from its medieval antecedents to its current crises. Listen to audio version (mp3)

In this edition, we also remember Michael Gorman (BA 1960), philanthropist and editor, who died in September 2013. Michael was featured in Nonesuch in autumn 2006 - download the full article (PDF, 597kB) to find out how he helped shape modern Chinese media.

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