Alumni Association Awards: 2013 winners

Read more about the winners of the 2013 Alumni Association Awards.

Richard Buxton (MSci Chemistry 2011-)

Proposer: Dr Martin Crossley Evans MBE, Head Warden

Richard has made a huge contribution to his fellow students through his efforts on behalf of Manor Hall, and has also participated in numerous charitable activities. In a difficult year for the hall (due to disruption caused by the refurbishments), Richard has had a massively positive impact in a number of areas, including revitalising and participating in hall drama productions and working tirelessly on behalf of the hall JCR to help create a strong sense of community. 

Despite living outside hall, Richard provided invaluable support to the JCR President. He has helped to raise significant sums for the hall’s charities, including the Heswall Disabled Childrens’ Holiday Fund, who provide holidays for disabled and terminally ill children, as well as much-needed respite care for their parents. As well as fundraising, he has also volunteered for this demanding and challenging work - his input contributed to the camp being judged 'outstanding' by OFSTED.

His proposer says: 'Richard is noted for his teamwork, his enthusiasm, cheerfulness and all-round commitment, which are a tribute to him, to the hall, and to the University.'

Josephine Franks (BA 2013, MA European Literature 2013-)

Proposer: Miss Imogen Palmer

Josephine has made a significant contribution to student life at the University, both through her presidency of the Falstaff Society (the academic society of the English department) and as the Editor of Epigram, the student-run newspaper.

At Epigram, she has introduced a business team to the paper and works tirelessly to manage more than 65 editors and several hundred writers. It is an extremely demanding and challenging role that reaches out to large numbers of students across the University.

One of her many achievements is leading and editing the first ever 24-hour magazine. Josephine co-ordinated an innovative project to write, edit and produce a magazine in 24 hours, demonstrating the dual qualities of leadership and vision.

In addition, she was one of a panel of media professionals speaking at the recent Bristol Pioneers' Reception held by the University.

Her proposer says: 'Josephine provides a motivational and truly excellent role model for Bristol students.'

Latif Ismail (MSc Social Sciences and Law 2012-)

Proposer: Mrs Janet Woolway-Allen, Graduate Administration Manager

Latif has relentlessly championed the well-being of international students and inspired the Postgraduate Administration team by promoting new ideas for student integration and the development of a wider student community. Partly as a result of Latif’s valuable input, activities to encourage various nationalities to interact more effectively have been put in place, including the introduction of more social and networking events and opportunities. 

In addition, Latif is a member of the Global Insecurities Centre within Sociology, Politics and International Studies, working on how non-violent grassroots can transform local insecurities. Earlier this year, the President of Somalia asked Latif to assist the government with a number of security-related projects including disarmament, demobilisation, and the reintegration and rehabilitation of former child soldiers. He has spent several months in Somalia working on these projects in addition to studying for his Master’s degree.

His proposer says: 'Latif has enriched the extra-curricular experience of countless students at Bristol. His sustained efforts in supporting his peers and representing Bristol at a national and international level is an invaluable asset to the University.'

Mark Watts (BDS Dental Surgery 2009-)

Proposer: Professor Jonathan Sandy, Professor of Orthodontics

Mark’s volunteering activities are of the highest standard and quite remarkable in their breadth. He has worked extensively with Students for Kids International Projects (SKIP), contributing to fundraising events and activities, such as building food tunnels. He has also been involved in educating children in schools on matters like oral hygiene, putting the skills and knowledge he has acquired from his studies into action for the benefit of children and young adults. 

He has also been closely involved with a non-government organisation, the Kwa-Zulu Natal Youth Empowerment Programme, organising a women’s wellness day and setting up a dental stand to promote the importance of oral health. He has also worked with a charity to provide assistance to children from Chernobyl suffering from cancer and very severe difficulties, as part of a summer holiday camp project.

His proposer says: 'These are huge efforts beyond a degree in dentistry, and show the development of Mark’s transferable skills into the community.'