Alumni Association Student Awards: 2014 winners

Read more about the winners of the 2014 Alumni Association Student Awards.

Amelia Martin (MBChB Medicine 2010-)

Proposer: Professor Richard Martin, Professor of Clinical Epidemiology

Amelia has been involved in the student-led charity, Medsin, for a number of years, heading the Bristol branch in her first year before taking on a national role as Director of International Affairs in her fourth year. She also wrote and presented policies to the International Federation of Medical Students' 63rd General Assembly held in Tunisia. These policies concerned access to medical and humanitarian aid in Syria, and an end to discrimination in the healthcare of lesbian, gay, bi-sexual and transgender individuals.

In her third year, Amelia was elected as the Bristol Inter School Chair for the British Medical Association and as part of this, ran the Galenicals Careers Fair. Amelia is also the co-founder of the student group, Ethical Procurement for Health. The group works towards ensuring that the people producing supplies for healthcare organisations, such as surgical gloves and scalpels, are ensured basic human rights. Amelia is launching a national campaign to raise awareness on this issue.

Her proposer says: 'Amelia’s campaign for ethical procurement for health will involve students at Bristol University, as well others across the country, in becoming engaged with an issue to create positive change.'

Steve Gibbs (PhD Electrical and Electronic Engineering 2012-)

Proposer: Mr Leo Laughlin (PhD Electrical and Electronic Engineering-)

Steve is tirelessly committed to his two-year position on the Students' Union’s (UBU) Board of Trustees, where he sits as Vice-Chair on the main board and as a member of three further sub-committees. For two years prior to this he served on UBU’s Societies Executive providing an effective voice for issues raised by student societies.

Steve also spends time volunteering in the local community where he has twice undertaken a demanding and challenging volunteer role on a ten-week life skills project for young people with emotional and behavioural difficulties. These projects encompassed ten weeks of evening sessions, discussing various life skills and problematic issues such as alcohol, drugs, relationships and citizenship, which culminate in a team-building weekend and a week-long residential stay in the Lake District. Steve has also assisted in the running of an outdoor pursuits club for sixth formers.

His proposer says: 'Steve deserves recognition for his continued and sustained efforts across countless student and community activities.'

Sophie Nedelec (PhD Biology 2011-)

Proposer: Dr Andy Radford, Reader in Behavioural Ecology

Sophie has made an outstanding contribution to public engagement through her drive to enthuse children about science. Sophie has been a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) Ambassador since 2009. She has designed, set up and run interactive demonstration stalls on a variety of topics at the Annual Festival of Nature and regularly participates in and has also run Biodiversity Week, a scheme established to engage primary school children in appreciating the complimentary aspects of their school’s outdoor spaces.

She is also closely involved in the charity IntoUniversity where she runs careers workshops designed to help young people from disadvantaged backgrounds attain either a university place or another chosen aspiration.

Her proposer says: 'Through her infectious enthusiasm for science, Sophie has undoubtedly made a substantial and lasting impression on those she has encountered.'

Stephanie Harris (PhD Chemistry 2012-)

Proposer: Professor Mike Ashfold, Professor of Physical Chemistry

Stephanie is the first female captain in the 104-year history of the University of Bristol Boat Club. During her term in office she has had to contend with many challenges and has devoted a considerable amount of her time to finding new and affordable ways to allow all boat club squads time on the water and access to coaching. She has spearheaded a very successful fundraising campaign, which included success in two prestigious national competitions run by Ernst and Young and RBS, winning the top prize in the RBS Enterprising Students Awards.

A sustained campaign by Stephanie let to the appointment of the first-ever professional coach for the Women’s Squad. As club captain she has been a tireless and inspirational leader, providing a positive role model at all times.

In addition,Stephanie has worked hard as an ambassador for both the School of Chemistry and the University of Bristol, contributing to many open days and interview days.

Stephanie sits on the editorial board of the Chemistry department’s in-house magazine and is also a Senior Resident at Hiatt Baker Hall.

Her proposer says: 'Stephanie words very hard and very effectively, juggling her duties and responsibilities intelligently.'