How to apply for a travel grant

You can apply to the Alumni Foundation for a grant to assist you with travel costs when presenting your research at a conference away from Bristol. 

The Alumni Foundation issues grants to assist all registered students with the costs involved in travelling to conferences where they will be presenting their research findings.

You can apply online via Blackboard. Please follow the instructions in 'How to apply'. Please do not use hyperlinks in your application.

To assist with your application, we have detailed some points to consider before applying:

  • Every student at the University of Bristol is eligible to receive (a) travel grant(s) during his/her studies at Bristol worth (i) a maximum £550 during his/her undergraduate or intercalator course(s); and (ii) worth a maximum of £550 during his/her postgraduate course(s). In each case, this award may be made in the form of either a single grant or several smaller grants. Applicants who have access to other sources of funding for travel (through his/her scholarship, studentship and/or research group, if applicable) should exhaust these funds before applying to the Alumni Foundation.
  • Applicants must be fully registered fee-paying students and must be registered at the time of the conference. 
  • In exceptional circumstances, where an application cannot be made to fit into the normal timetable, the Chair of the Alumni Foundation has the discretion to consider applications between meetings. In such cases, the maximum amount that can be awarded is £450. 
  • The Committee does not support electives or Raleigh International projects.
  • Research costs, internships and travel to undertake research are not funded by the Alumni Foundation.
  • If a joint presentation is being made describing the same research, up to £550 can be awarded in total (i.e. if two students are presenting they can apply for up to a maximum of £275 each).
  • Awards cannot be made retrospectively (i.e. after travel has occurred).
  • Students must travel by the most direct and best value route. Where a choice of accommodation is available, students should choose the best value practicable option.

Travel grants are awarded on three conditions. If your application is successful and you receive a grant, you must:

  • Publicise the support of the Alumni Foundation at your conference, for instance by displaying the Alumni Foundation logo in your literature or on posters.
  • Provide feedback through Blackboard to the Alumni Foundation within one month of returning from the conference. This is essential in promoting the Alumni Foundation to donors and to encourage future applications. Failure to provide feedback will jeopardise any future applications from your school or department.
  • Ask your supervisor to send an email confirming that you attended and benefitted from the conference to

Before submitting your application, please make sure you have read all the guidance notes.