Telephone Fundraising

In 2014/15, alumni pledged more than £125,000 through telephone fundraising. A team of more than 50 current students contact alumni by telephone: they listen to what alumni have to say about their time at Bristol, let alumni know about what has been going on at Bristol recently, and raise important funds that help Bristol retain its reputation of teaching and research excellence. 

Thank you to everyone who has supported us: your gifts make a real difference across the University. If you haven't received a call or we have missed you this time, you can still find out more about why donations are so important.

The amazing support from our alumni and friends is greatly appreciated, and we would like to thank you again if you are a donor to the University of Bristol.

The first ever Bristol telephone fundraising team was run in 1994, and since then the campaigns have gone from strength to strength. It now consists of three campaigns every academic year, in autumn, spring and summer. Our team consists entirely of current students, both undergraduate and postgraduate, who contact thousands of Bristol graduates every term.

As those who have been contacted will know, Bristol's student callers are a fantastic and dedicated bunch. Countless graduates have contacted us to let us know how much they have enjoyed the chance to speak with current students on the telephone and to become involved with Bristol in this way. 

Your feedback

Here are just a few highlights of your wonderful feedback:

I must say that [Emily Shaw] is an excellent 'spokesperson' on behalf of the University and deserves great credit…[I] wish you well in your worthwhile campaign. Roy Blackshaw

I should like to thank you, and most especially Vicky Woollett (Year 2 Geography) for the recent contact made in regard to the campaign. It was great to share common experiences with a fellow Geography student, not to mention recalling many fond memories of my time at Bristol between 1987 and 1990. I should be grateful if you would forward my best wishes to Vicky for the conclusion of her studies at Bristol and for a successful future career. Jonathan Hughes (BSc 1990)

Full marks for your scheme to get present students to phone past ones to seek money – it worked and he [Henry Chadwick] was a credit to the University! Tim Watson (BSc 1963)

Thank you for sending me the Christmas card from your student Yvonne Connolly... it was good to receive it and her note inside was beyond 'the call of duty' as was her telephone conversation with me. FG Spear (MB ChB 1954)

I certainly enjoyed my conversation with Christopher [Kay] – I don’t know if you try to match the undergrad to the person he/she is calling but in this case you succeeded well. If there is feedback please tell him I enjoyed my conversation and wish him well. Reverend M.C. Stanton-Saringer (BSc 1971)

Have you received a call from one of our students? Want to give us your feedback? Please get in touch with our Telephone Fundraising team at or +44 (0)117 394 1302.