Local sponsors

Everyone on the telephone fundraising team would like to extend their warmest thanks to the generous local businesses who are supporting Bristol's telephone fundraising in 2016/17.

Opportunities for your business

We are always looking for businesses that are keen to donate gift vouchers, discounts or other items as prizes to reward our hardworking student callers.

In return, we will make sure Bristol graduates – more than 18,000 of whom still live or work in Bristol – know how grateful we are by publicly acknowledging your gift.

Depending on the level of your support, we may be able to: 

  • acknowledge your support here on our website
  • acknowledge your support in our annual online donor report
  • include your contact details and link to your business on this website
  • give you special exposure to the Bristol student community

If you are interested in any of these fantastic opportunities, or are interested in supporting our callers in other ways (for example, offering internships or career mentoring), please contact the Telephone Fundraising Team at campaign-enquiries@bristol.ac.uk, or call 0117 394 1302. We look forward to hearing from you.