Your new Alumni Association Committee

In 2018, the Board of Trustees endorsed a new Alumni Association Committee, which replaces the former Convocation and Alumni Association Committee.

The new Committee will play a key role in delivering the Alumni Association’s mission to build an engaged and supportive alumni community by working in partnership with alumni, alumni networks, the Development and Alumni Relations Office (DARO) and the wider University.

The roles on the committee will reflect our diverse community of UK based and international alumni from across the graduation years and offer the opportunity to make a real and valued contribution to ensure your Alumni Association and University continue to grow and flourish. 

Committee members will provide expert advice, strategic insight and specialist contributions, and act in an ambassadorial capacity within the alumni community and for the University as well as supporting the delivery of the Alumni Association’s mission.

Committee Responsibilities

Engaging in partnership with DARO to:

  • raise awareness and visibility of alumni networks and the University by advocating for and championing the alumni community,
  • help support and develop the University’s Alumni Engagement Strategy through the provision of strategic and specialist advice,
  • contribute to the design, content and delivery of the annual Alumni Forum and Alumni Association Student Awards or similar support events and engagement activity through participation as prominent hosts, champions and ambassadors,
  • direct and approve the use of Alumni Association funds on an annual basis in accordance with the purpose of the Alumni Association.

Membership of the Alumni Association Committee

The Committee will have a maximum of fourteen members. Full details on the membership can be found here.

Elections took place in May 2019 and details of the new Alumni Association will be available shortly.

Plans for 2019

This June all alumni are invited to join us in Bristol for the inaugural Alumni Forum, 21 June 2019.

Regarding changes to alumni representation on Court, please find an update here.