How you can take part

Each year, members of the Convocation and Alumni Association are elected to various voluntary roles within the University’s governance structure. They support the alumni community, and help fellow graduates get involved with the University.

All members of Convocation and the Alumni Association are eligible to participate, including academic staff and final-year students, undergraduate and postgraduate, who expect to obtain their degree in July.

Twenty-five Alumni Association Representative on Court positions are becoming vacant and members are invited to stand for appointment, to take effect in August 2018. Find out more about Court.

Apply to become an Alumni Association Representative on Court (deadline 5 pm, Monday 30 April).

Voting in the 2017 Convocation elections took place electronically, by post and in person and at the AGM of Convocation on 15 July.

The following candidates were elected:

Treasurer of Convocation 2017-2020

Mr David Clarke (BA 1965)

Convocation and Alumni Association Committee 2017-2020

Dr Stephanie Jane Harris (MSci 2011, PhD 2015)
Mrs Helen Margaret Hodge (née Dewar) (MSci 2004)
Mr Ben Hudson (MSci 2012, MSc 2014)
Mrs Rebecca Louise Whincup (née Sharp) (BA 1998)

Convocation Representatives on Court 2017-2021

Mr Graham Charles Ash (BSc 1983)
Mr John Edward Barnbrook (BSc 1974, PGCE 1975)
Mr Sumit Kumar Biswas (BSc 1984)
Mr Robert Andrew Churcher MBE (BA 1972)
Mr David Alan Clarke (BA 1965)
Mr Nicholas Ian Coward (LLB 1989)
Mx Jamie Cross (BSc 2015)
Dr Martin John Crossley Evans MBE (BA 1978, PhD 1990)
Mr Christopher Andrew Didcote (BSc 2008)
Mr Richard McLeod Ellis (LLB 2005)
Dr Stuart Andrew Goldsmith (BA 1966, Hon LLD 2007)
Mr Alexander William David Hasthorpe (PGCE 2006)
Mr Ben Hudson (MSc 2012, MSc 2015)
Dr James Anthony Foljambe Jackson (BSc 2005, PhD 2011)
Mr Thomas Samuel Phipps (BSc 2014)
Mr John Winterson Richards (LLB 1985)
Mr Alastair Francis Douglas Scott (BSc 1965)
Mr Brian Frederick Shipp (BSc 1981)
Mr Andrew Jonathan Webley Smith (BA 1974)
Mr Thomas Sutherland (LLB 2014)
Dr Jane Lesley Thompson DL (PGCE 1986, PhD 1994)
Dr Annis May Timpson (BSc 1977)
Mr Roger James Wilson Tucker (BA 1968, Certificate in Education 1969, BA 1973)
Mr Keith Walton (BSc 1972)
Mrs Alison Mary Wilson (née Gomm) (BA English 1966)

For more information, please get in touch at, or call +44 (0)117 394 1051.

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