Convocation Trustee of the University of Bristol Board of Trustees appointed by Convocation

The Board of Trustees is the governing body of the University of Bristol and exercises general control over the University and its affairs. The Board’s decisions affect all aspects of the University’s life and work. All members of the Board are expected to play an appropriate part in ensuring that the business of the Board is carried out efficiently, effectively, and in a manner appropriate to the proper conduct of public business.

One Trustee of the Board is appointed by Convocation. That Trustee serves an initial term of three years (and may be reappointed at the end of their term, subject to a maximum of three such three-year terms).

The role of Board members

Members of the Board take collective responsibility for decisions made by the Board of Trustees. In their capacity as Trustees, they are not ‘representatives’ of any particular group (including Convocation) and they are not bound by any mandate. Rather, Trustees must exercise their responsibilities in the interests of the University as a whole, and take decisions based on their own views.

Trustees are expected to:

The Board of Trustees usually meets five to six times per year, although extraordinary meetings may be convened to deal with specific decisions or issues. Meetings are usually held on a Friday morning, though Trustees should generally set aside a full day for each meeting.

To find out more about the University's Board of Trustees, please see the governance pages.

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