Your offer

The University makes two types of offer: unconditional (you have already achieved your qualifications and are guaranteed entry) and conditional (your entry to the University will be dependent on achieving the grades specified in your offer).

You will receive an email from us confirming that we have made you an offer, and details of your official offer will be published on UCAS Track.

Please read the terms of your offer carefully and contact Undergraduate Admissions, quoting your UCAS Personal ID if there is anything you don't understand or the offer does not match the qualifications you are currently taking.

Original qualification certificates not issued in English must be accompanied by a certified translation into English. Translations must be signed or stamped by an official translation service or school.‚Äč

What kind of offer will I get?

We make conditional offers to applicants who are currently studying and have not yet achieved the qualifications we need them to complete before starting their university course. These might be academic qualifications, or an English language qualification, or both.

We would only make an unconditional offer if you have already achieved all your qualifications to meet our entry requirements and do not need to achieve anything further before starting the course.

How do I accept my offer?

When you have received decisions from all of your university choices, you will need to reply to your offers in UCAS Track.

Find out how and when to respond to your offers.

Choosing Bristol

If Bristol is your firm choice and you meet the terms of your offer, you will be guaranteed a place in September.

If Bristol is your insurance choice and you meet the terms of your offer (but not those of your firm choice), you will be guaranteed a place, and it will be confirmed on UCAS Track.

We guarantee to make an offer of accommodation to applicants who accept Bristol as their firm choice, subject to certain conditions.

Common Application Offers

We will email offers to Common Application applicants. The email will state whether the offer is unconditional or conditional, and explain any offer conditions attached. It will also state the deadline by which you should respond to accept or decline our offer. 

Common Application applicants who accept our offer will be covered by the same accommodation guarantee as UCAS applicants, subject to certain conditions.

Track your application

Once you've submitted your application through UCAS, you can use Track to check if you've been invited to interviews or received offers from your chosen universities.

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