Research Seminars Spring/Summer 2008

Work-in-Progress Seminars
When: Mondays, 4.10-6.00, Lecture Theatre 1
Where: History of Art Department, 43 Woodland Road, Bristol

14 January:

Sally Huxtable (University of Bristol) Inside the Venusberg: Aestheticism and the Tannhauser Myth

Sophie Cummings (University of Bristol) Culture, ‘Normalisation’ and the 1980s: Reflections on the Historikerstreit and ‘New German Painting’

21 January:

Rebecca Wills (University of Bristol) Systems of Colour: The Paintings of Jean Spencer

Xin Wu (University of Bristol) Patricia Johanson: Path into the Garden of Art

28 January:

Emma Cowan (University of Bristol) Title tbc

Lydia Edwards (University of Bristol) ‘Scandalous Satins: An Investigation of a Dress from Beerbohm Tree's 1909 & 1912 productions of The School for Scandal’

4 February: 

Louise Hughes (University of Bristol) ‘Nicely framed and heavily varnished’: the tattoo and conflicts of display

Colin Glen (University of Bristol) Title tbc

Elisa Sai (University of Bristol) Title tbc

11 February:

Dr Grace Brockington (University of Bristol) Binding the World Together? International Art Clubs c. 1898-1914

18 February:

Dr Claire O’Mahony (Kellogg College, University of Oxford) Stage sirens and suggestion: René Lalique's Symbolist bijouterie

25 February or 3 March (date to be confirmed):

Dr Shelley Hales (University of Bristol) Spirituality and the (im)materiality of Pompeii

10 March:

Dr Francette Pacteau (Royal College of Art) On Not Watching Bambi

17 March:

Dr Tania String (University of Bristol) The transmission of artistic conventions in Anglo-Flemish Portraits


21 April:

Dr Mike O’Mahony (University of Bristol) The Kids are Alright! Representing Soviet Children in the Aftermath of the Great Patriotic War

28 April:

Dr Dorothy Rowe (University of Bristol) Between Heaven and Hell: Marta Hegemann, Gruppe Stupid and the Cologne Progressives


12 May:

Professor Stephen Bann (University of Bristol) Title tbc

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