Spring seminar programme 2011

Past events

Spring 2011

Seminars will be held on Mondays from 4.10pm - 6.00pm in Lecture Theatre 1, 43 Woodland Road

Special public event

PGR presentations

Wall paintings
Georgina Webb-Dickin
Darrelyn Gunzburg
Jon Cannon

Theresa Vella
Theodora Clarke
Wendy Sijnesael
Rachel Flynn
Eunmin Lim

Gaie Burnet
Claire Yearwood
Joanna Karlgaard

Costume and identity
Lizzie Robles
Catherine Hunt
Holly Williamson
Cora Gilroy-Ware

Art and the senses
Heather Crawley
Erica O'Brien
Art and war Peter Stilton
Jennifer Spiers
Megan Sleeper

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