War Without Limits

Call for Papers

War Without Limits:

Spain 1936-1939 and Beyond

Group for War and Culture Studies

University of Bristol,
17th-19th July 2006

Confirmed Plenary Speakers:

Paul Preston
Helen Graham
Michael Richards

Profoundly Spanish in origin, yet almost immediately internationalised, the Spanish Civil war had a marked impact on the politics and culture of many nations. Considered by many of its generation as the first ideological war, it has become for many since a precursor of the Second World War sometimes subsumed into, or obscured by, this latter in our memory of the period. Yet, its significance continues to be reflected in a variety of cultural representations of the conflict emanating from many different nations and cultures and in its continual pertinence and interest as a subject of historical research.

The aim of this three-day, international conference is to explore the international social, political, military and cultural history of this conflict from 1936 to the present. The organisers therefore welcome proposals for papers on any aspect of the conflict from established scholars or postgraduates working in a range of disciplines including, for example, social, political and cultural history, military history and war studies, intellectual history, cultural memory, literary studies, art history, photography, media studies, film studies. Proposals should not exceed 350 words and should be sent, in English or in French, the two official languages of GWACS, to either of the organisers at the addresses below by the 31st December 2005.

Dr Martin Hurcombe,
Department of French,
University of Bristol,
19 Woodland Road,
BS8 1TE.
Tel 0117 9288447
E-mail: M.J.Hurcombe@bristol.ac.uk

Prof Debra Kelly,
School of Social Sciences, Humanities and Languages,
University of Westminster,
309 Regent Street,
London, W1B 2UW