As part of the University of Bristol internship scheme BIRTHA employs an intern to support its activities and gain administrative and event organisation skills. Previous interns have gone on to work in University administration within and beyond Bristol, as well as teaching abroad. Recruitment takes places each autumn and will be advertised on the Careers Services website.

Read what our former interns had to say about their BIRTHA experience:

I absolutely loved my time as the BIRTHA intern. It was so much fun learning how to organise conferences, symposia and research events - all invaluable skills for a PhD student! It was also fantastic to be an integral part of the thriving research community in the Faculty of Arts and I loved learning about the diverse range of research conducted by postgraduates and academics in the faculty. What I loved most about my internship was the people I got to meet: Pro-Vice Chancellors, students, academics, caterers, porters and the wonderful team in the Graduate School of Arts and Humanities. It was a pleasure to be the BIRTHA intern and I hope that my successors enjoy it as much as I did.

Alice Hoad (2014/15 BIRTHA intern)

My internship with BIRTHA in the Research Support Office has been a very valuable and enjoyable experience. I’ve had the privilege of working in a team that extends its collaborative work ethos to the events that it supports across the Faculty of Arts. During my time as an intern, I have gained experience in event management in an academic setting and gained insight into the processes for funding applications, the administration of funds and event management.  I have gained valuable skills in website design and maintenance along with the effective use of social media for event promotion. The internship has given me appreciation for the opportunities for facilitating the emergence of trans-disciplinary research through collaborative events such as the BIRTHA debate, shared sensemaking in the BIRTHA Executive Committee and by sharing information about the variety of ongoing events, for example on our website

Kat Burger (2013/14 BIRTHA intern)

During my year as the BIRTHA intern I had the privilege to work with a team of generous and dedicated administrators, while acquiring professional experience and skills that will prove invaluable for a career in academia. The training I have received included website building and maintainance, which has provided me with a deeper understanding of digital media. Another key element of my internship consisted in the organisation and supervision of academic conferences and the handling and support of various kinds of other projects. Here I gained confidence and experience in the many different aspects of event management. I furthermore performed a variety of other research support related jobs, including the translation of material for circulation and attending to visiting professors. The work I have been doing has provided additional insight into the inner workings of academic departments and faculties, which afforded me with a new appreciation for our lively and diverse research community here at Bristol.

Conny Lippert (2010/11 BIRTHA intern)

As an intern for BIRTHA and the Institute of Greece, Rome and the Classical Tradition (IGRCT) I have gained a valuable insight into the inner workings of the vibrant research community at the University. I have had the privilege of working with the team in the Research Support Office planning various fascinating events with great people. The breadth of research and the variety of people has yielded a genuine sense of community and conception of the university beyond the usual "student experience". I have learnt a great deal about issues surrounding HE, dealing with external bodies as well as internal activities such as web skills, marketing events and general correspondence. All in all, an invaluable experience.

Fiona Malkin (2009/10 BIRTHA intern)

I really enjoyed my time working as an intern for BIRTHA during the first year of my PhD at Bristol and the experience I gained has been invaluable. The BIRTHA administrators were very welcoming and encouraging, and over the year I progressed from supporting the organisation of events to overseeing the running of conferences for the Institute of Greece, Rome and the Classical Tradition (IGRCT). Overall I was involved in a wide range of tasks, including website administration, marketing of events, making catering arrangements, booking venues and accommodation for delegates, minute taking, and much more. The skills I gained as a result are relevant to pursuing a career in events management, but are also applicable to many industries and organisations. I am pursuing a career in academia and the experience I gained specific to academic events has helped me to organise and run my own conferences. I am grateful to have had the opportunity of the internship, not least because it enabled me to improve my professional skills flexibly around my study commitments.

Heather Crawley (2008/09 BIRTHA intern)