Cinema-going on the Railway Tracks: Transportation, circulation and exhibition of information film in colonial India

19 June 2018, 5.30 PM - 19 June 2018, 8.00 PM

Room 4.10, School of Education, 35 Berkeley Square

Professor Ravi Vasudevan invites us to explore the relationship between cinema and the railway of India. It is little-known that the Indian railway was the most spectacular transport infrastructure to be involved in film circulation and exhibition. Films were largely for audiences in small towns and rural villages and mostly of the information or instruction genre. This braiding of technologies and circuits invited audiences to access a wider universe of images, spaces, temporalities, technologies, work practices and commodities. Government and businesses were crucial in developing this film culture, although instruction through film was never severed from commodity circulation and entertainment. Professor Vasudevan will examine this fascinating and largely unknown history drawing on archival films, photographs and documents. 
Professor Vasudevan’s visit is a collaboration between the Brigstow InstituteBristol Archives, the Centre for Black Humanities, the Department of Film and Television, and the Faculty of Arts Screen Research cluster. The event is part of a research project exploring new futures for the British Empire and Commonwealth Collections held at Bristol Archives.

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