Bristol Anthropology and Archaeology Research Seminar: Francesca Fulminante

31 October 2018, 1.00 PM - 31 October 2018, 3.00 PM

Dr Francesca Fulminante, University of Bristol

G.10 Lecture Room, 43 Woodland Road

Infancy and Childhood in Early Iron Age Tyrrhenian Italy: New Interdisciplinary Perspectives

In the last 50 years a great deal of research has been done on infancy and family history in Roman era Italy and the Roman world. However, apart from the well–known phenomenon of infant burials within houses (suggrundaria) relatively less attention has been paid to infancy and childhood in Pre–Roman Italy.

Work conducted in the last decade, culminating in the recent Dublin Conference: From Invisible to Visible: New Data and Methods for the Archaeology of Infant and Child Burials in Pre-Roman Italy (April 2017) has shown that this is a growing, vital and promising field of research.

By contextualizing them within the wider archaeological framework of the region, this paper will offer an overview of current themes in infancy and childhood studies in Early Iron Age central Italy.

It will go on to discuss new interdisciplinary perspectives which combine traditional historical and archaeological approaches, with the most advanced bio-archaeological techniques, anthropological perspectives, psychological studies and wider socio-economic theories.

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