Professor Graeme Were - Re-inheriting the Revolutionary Past: Museums, Archives and Social Repair in Vietnam - Inaugural Lecture

30 April 2019, 6.15 PM - 30 April 2019, 8.15 PM

Professor Graeme Were, University of Bristol

Peel Lecture Theatre, School of Geographical Sciences, University Rd, Bristol BS8 1BF

Anthropology has provided fertile ground for examining post-conflict societies and what coming to terms with the past means for those recovering from violence and loss.

Whilst anthropologists have examined reconciliation, repair and healing through ritual, performance, and story-telling, it is surprising how the museum and archive has featured much less prominently in such studies. Based on fieldwork in Vietnam, I consider how museum archives are creating the conditions for families to undergo some form of social repair.

Focusing on the Nghe Tinh Soviets Museum – a museum that commemorates the Nghe Tinh Soviets who rose up against French colonial rule in the 1930s – I reveal the complexities of present day family associations to this turbulent period of history, and how limited access to the museum’s archives is enabling some Vietnamese families to re-inherit the revolutionary past.

My lecture raises questions about the potential of the archive for social repair and what this may mean for the future of memory.

The lecture will be followed by a drinks reception.

Free to attend, but booking will be required via the online form.

If you require additional support at any of these events, e.g. wheelchair access or sign language interpretation, please contact the Executive Team at the earliest opportunity and we will endeavour to meet your requirements.

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