Research collaborations

The Faculty of Arts has a number of existing centres and institutes which provide a focus for collaborative and interdisciplinary work:

  1. Centre for Buddhist Studies
    Director: Dr Rupert Gethin
  2. Centre for Christianity and Culture
    Director: Professor Gavin D'Costa
  3. Institute of Greece, Rome and the Classical Tradition
    Director: Dr Nicoletta Momigliano
  4. Centre for the History of Music in Britain, the Empire and the Commonwealth
    Directors: Dr Guido Heldt and Dr Florian Scheding
  5. Centre for Medieval Studies
    Director: Dr Ian Wei and Dr Beth Williamson
  6. Centre for Romantic and Victorian Studies
    Director: Professor Andrew Bennett
  7. Centre for the Study of Colonial and Postcolonial Societies
    Director: Dr Madhu Krishnan
  8. Centre for the Study of Visual and Literary Cultures in France
    Contact: Professor Susan Harrow
  9. Centre for Science and Philosophy
    Director: Professor James Ladyman
  10. Bristol Poetry Institute
    Directors: Professor David Punter and Dr William Wootten

Research themes

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Research clusters

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