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The Calvino Postgraduate Reading Group

20 December 2016

This postgraduate reading group offers the unique opportunity to explore the classical tradition in the texts of celebrated Italian author, Italo Calvino.

Postgraduates interested in modernist fiction, comparative literature, and the classical tradition are invited to attend a new reading group on Italian author Italo Calvino (1923-1985). There will be five fortnightly sessions in TB2 starting Friday 3rd February 2017 at 4.00-5.00pm in FFSR, 7 Woodland Road. We will read widely from Calvino's oeuvre, including texts such as Invisible CitiesSix Memos for the Next MillenniumMr Palomar, If On a Winter's Night a Traveller, and Why Read the Classics? Students are expected to commit to regular attendance and taking turns in starting off the discussion. Refreshments provided.

The reading group is hosted by Dr Laura Jansen (Classics and Ancient History) and Mr Richard Cole (Classics PGR), and follows on from the Nietzsche for Non-Philosophers postgraduate reading group of 2015-16, the Borges Postgraduate Reading Group of 2014-15, and the Browning Postgraduate Reading Group of 2013-14. The organisers would like to thank the Institute of Greece, Rome, and the Classical Tradition for its generous funding.

For further information, please contact the organisers.

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