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IGRCT Travel Bursaries 2017: Recipients Announced

The Forum Romanum Stefan Bauer

23 May 2017

The Institute of Greece, Rome, and the Classical Tradition is delighted to announce the recipients of its 2017 travel bursaries.

Congratulations to Mollie Aspley, Olivia Bailey, Adelaide Heneghan, and Hazel Stenner, who have each been awarded a travel bursary of £300.

  • Mollie Aspley (Ancient History UG) will use her bursary to fund an interrail trip around Italy in September 2017; she plans to visit Rome, Ostia, and other sites related to Roman cultural history, the topic of her dissertation;
  • Olivia Bailey (History of Art PGT) has chosen to use her bursary to fund a trip to Naples and Rome to look at funerary artefacts and their wider cultural implications, a theme central to her Masters dissertation;
  • Adelaide Heneghan (Archaeology and Anthropology UG) will attend the British School at Athens undergraduate course, which will provide vital research for her dissertation on the phenomenology of Greek sanctuaries;
  • Hazel Stenner (Classics and English PGR), will visit Rome to gain a first-hand understanding of ancient Roman funerary culture for her PhD on ‘Death, Mourning, and Remembrances in Shakespeare’s Roman Plays’.

All four students will report on their adventures when they return.

The IGRCT travel bursaries are open for both undergraduate and postgraduate students wishing to pursue studies into any aspect of ancient Greece, Rome, and the Classical Tradition, and offer an opportunity to see and experience archaeological sites, museums, libraries, and archives first-hand.

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