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A Colloquium for Gillian Clark

Christianity and Roman Society

'Link Rooms' of the Woodland Road complex

The University of Bristol holds a day to mark the career and retirement of Professor Gillian Clark.

Speakers include: Jill Harries, Karla Pollman, Neil McLynn, (Fergus Millar), Simon Corcoran, Averil Cameron, Tessa Rajak and Oliver Nicholson.

Session 1

Paper 1: 11.00-11.45 Jill Harries - "The First Christian Emperor: the Empresses' Tale"

Paper 2: 11.45-12.30 Tessa Rajak - "The Maccabaean Martyrs between Pagans, Jews and Christians"

Paper 3: 12.30-1.15 Oliver Nicholson - "Spirituality of a Moderate: Ausonius and his Herediolum"

Lunch 1.15-2.45

Session 3

Paper 4: 2.45-3.30 Neil Mclynn - "Being a Christian Professor in Late Antiquity: Julian's School Law Reconsidered"

Paper 5: 3.30-4.15 Karla Pollman - "Christianity and Authority in Late Antiquity: the Beginnings of a Perennial Conundrum?"

Coffee 4.15-4.45

Paper 6: 4.45-5.30 Simon Corcoran - tba (on the Fragmenta Anteiustiniana Londiniensia, and the Testamentum Domini fragment) Paper 7: 5.30-6.15 Averil Cameron - closing words and discussion.

There will also be a display of some material from Fergus Millar who in the end was not able to attend the colloquium (on "The World of Symeon Stylites the Younger").

If you think you might attend it would be useful if you could contact Bella Sandwell ( so that we can cater correctly for lunch. Please also contact Bella Sandwell if you have any other queries about this event.