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Empire, War and Nation in the Bay of Bengal

Public Lecture

Viridor Theatre, SS Great Britain, Gas Ferry Road BS1 6TY

Speaker: Professor Clare Anderson (Leicester)

Empire, War and Nation in the Bay of Bengal: History and Commemoration in India and the Andaman Islands

How has resistance against the British Empire been commemorated in the Andaman Islands (a Union Territory of the Republic of India) since Independance in 1947? In this public lecture, Professor Clare Anderson will discuss how India has created a national history of the struggle for Independance, in ways that have not always been smooth or uncontested. The Andamans were what might be called an extreme manifestation of Empire: during the period 1858-1940 they were a penal colony for Indian and Burmese convicts. The Islands were also the only part of what is now the Republic of India to have been occupied by the Japanese during the Second World War. The history of the Islands as a penal colony and as an occupied territory has had enduring effects in terms of how the struggle against Empire has been and is still commemorated, both in the Islands and in mainland India.

Professor Anderson's talk promises to illuminate the close relationship between the making of history and the making of the nation in post-colonial India, exploring the tangible role which, despite being geographically peripheral to the mainland, the Andamans have played.

The event is sponsored by the University of Bristol.

FREE event, but booking required. To book a place, visit the Eventbrite page.

The event is in association with a workshop on the 13th December: Remembering Bristol’s Empire: Archives, Artefacts and Commemoration.