• A poem for Valentine's Day 14 February 2018 In celebration of Valentine's Day, Genevieve Liveley, Senior Lecturer in Classics, reads her selection from Ovid's Amores.
  • Cian Murphy selected in 2018 Best New British and Irish Poets Anthology 29 January 2018 Cian Murphy's poem, 'At the Clinic', will be published in the 2018 Best New British and Irish Poets Anthology.
  • Professor Michael Basker on BBC Radio 4's In Our Time 17 January 2018 Professor Michael Basker will tomorrow appear as a guest of Melvyn Bragg on BBC Radio 4's In Our Time. The programme will discuss the life and work of the twentieth century Russian poet Anna Akhmatova.
  • William Wootten's poetry featured in the Spectator Magazine 27 December 2017 William Wootten, poet and co-director of the Bristol Poetry Institute, is featured in the current edition of the Spectator.
  • Poem at the New Year 20 December 2017 To mark the coming of the New Year, Rebecca Kosick, Lecturer in Translation Studies, reads a poem by John Ashbery.
  • Another way for poems to speak 13 December 2017 Over the past month, 'Poems for...the Wall', hosted by the Bristol Poetry Institute, held an exhibition at Beacon House. The following is a reflection on the exhibit by Rogan Wolf.
  • In conversation with Simon Armitage 11 December 2017 On Thursday 16 November, Simon Armitage delivered the Bristol Poetry Institute Annual Reading 2017. Alexia Kirov interviewed the poet for the student newspaper, Epigram.
  • Poems for Remembrance Day 10 November 2017 Danny Karlin, Winterstoke Professor of English Literature, and founding director of the Bristol Poetry Institute, reads Thomas Hardy's ‘Drummer Hodge’ and ‘A Wife in London’ from Poems of the Past and the Present, 1901.
  • 'Poems for...the wall': a new audience for poetry 7 September 2017 Rogan Wolf, the man behind 'Poems for...the wall', which celebrates its twentieth year this year, has told the story of his poetry project in the most recent edition of Resurgence and Ecologist. The project is a community partner of the Bristol Poetry Institute.
  • New collection of poetry: 'Bristol: 21 Poems' 13 August 2017 David Punter, Co-Director of the Bristol Poetry Institute, publishes a new pamphlet of poems.
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