Using Interactive Data Visualisations to Explore the Creative Process


People involved in this project

Principal investigator:

School(s) Modern Languages
Department(s) French
Funder(s) AHRC, REACT, Books and Prints Sandbox
Collaborator(s) Alex Butterworth, Stefanie Posavec, Matt Patterson, Joe Zuntz
Contact person Dr Bradley Stephens

More about this project

Timelines are conventionally seen as a rather worthy way of communicating information: events plotted against dates. Yet there is a long tradition of “maps of time” that do far more and in the most extraordinary visual ways: tracing flows of belief and influence, following chains of consequence. This project will combine the most innovative data visualisation techniques with the potential of touch-screen tablets to support new kinds of interaction. It will explore how users can go beyond merely navigating fixed representations of literary history to directly manipulating graphical visualisations of classic texts in search of new meanings.