Holocaust Landscapes

People involved in this project

Principal investigator:

School(s) Humanities
Department(s) History
Dates 1 October 2011 – 30 September 2012
Funder(s) British Academy Mid Career Fellowship
Contact person Dr Tim Cole

More about this project

This research project journeys through the varied European landscapes where the Holocaust was implemented, experienced, resisted and – in the post-war world – remembered and forgotten. Drawing upon a wide range of sources, a number of key research questions drive analysis of landscapes that range from forests to camps, rivers to roads and railways to attics.

Firstly, how were these places created/reshaped/utilized/ destroyed by the Nazi and collaborator states?
Secondly, how did victims (and bystanders) ‘read’, experience and use these olfactory, aural, visual and sensory landscapes, and carve out alternate spaces within Holocaust landscapes?
Thirdly, how have these landscapes been commemorated/erased/resurrected/ recycled/redistributed in the post-war world?

The research will be disseminated through both academic outputs (journal articles, book chapters and ultimately a monograph) as well as seminars and lectures to teachers (both in Higher Education and schools) and the public.