Penguin Archive Project


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Principal investigator:

School Humanities
Department English
Dates March 2008 - March 2012
Website Penguin Archive Project
Funder AHRC: Research Grant

Dr George Donaldson (Co-Investigator), Dr Hugh Pemberton (Investigator), Dr Ika Willis (Investigator), Dr William Wootten (Postdoctoral Research Fellow), Katherine Hann (Exhibition Curator), Dean Blackburn (PhD Student), Robert Crowe (PhD Student)

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More about this project

The Penguin Archive Project began in May 2008 with a grant from the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC). It is a four-year project with an aim to produce an on-line catalogue of the Penguin Collection, which will be launched on the web in due course and will continue to expand as the project develops.

The project will also pioneer research in the archive, particularly in the areas of modern poetry, Penguin 'specials' and their socio-political impact, and Penguin translations of the classics.

Finally, the project has a great public and democratic aim, with events and exhibitions open to the general public, and 'Penguin days', which will explore aspects of Penguin for the reading public and the Penguin Collectors Society.