In the Shadow of Things


People involved in this project

Principal investigator:

School Arts
Department Drama
Collaborator(s) Victoria Forrest (Cluster Publishing Ltd)
Contact person Peter Metelerkamp

More about this project

What is the future of the Photobook in the age of digital publishing? This project—a collaboration between a documentary photographer and a photobook publisher—prototypes one possible solution. It will develop an app/book designed for distribution on the Apple iPad’s iOS platform using a large collection of intensely personal and striking photographs, filmclips, drawings and audio-recordings produced by the award-winning photographer Leonie Hampton. We aim to transfer this significant body of work—much of which is previously unpublished— directly into this interactive medium, thereby developing a new form of narrative. The app/ book aims to investigate new and intimate modes of engagement with the rich and varied documentary material. Its primary purpose is to create a new artwork in a new medium. This will engage with wider concerns about the aesthetics of book production in a digital era. In comparison with the very rich tradition in print, most e-books have yet to find aesthetic coherence. The process of transferring a static portfolio of work into an interactive experience, will also present exciting opportunities to explore how the content should be structured and presented to maximise user engagement.